Chuck and Gigi

Growing up in New Orleans, Charles was obsessed with all things cinema. Mom used to let him play hooky on Fridays for the new releases, ditching Jesuit studies for Goodfellas. He made his way to LA, working as a camera assistant while attending Cal Arts. Growing up in LA, Angela is shock-proof. She danced Major Domo professionally and samba-ed on stage with Duran Duran. She studied acting and design at Cal Arts. That’s where these two met. Charles became an award-winning editor while Angela got savvy on the agency front as a broadcast/post-producer, then as head of production for design & animation studios. Hungry for action, they both traded in their desk chairs for director’s chairs. “Chuck and Gigi” bring an authentic, energetic style to their visual storytelling that doesn’t feel like advertising. Residing in Topanga Canyon with two kids and two cats, they live their work. Dreamers, adventurers, problem-solvers – Charles and Angela are still on their first date, in love with the world and each other. They’re also fun at parties.