Mexican directorial collective Fábula is based in Mexico City. Fábula is comprised of six members, all directors with a passion for production, screenwriting, photography and editing. Though each member has his or her area of expertise, all have extensive knowledge and practice in most areas of pre-production and post production.

Daniel Jiménez heads the development of concept creation. He has been reading and writing screenplays since the age of fifteen and is well versed in theory and structure. He is also a fabulous director.

Ana Mancera has a poignant voice and a built in megaphone to go with it. She’s directed soul shaking short films like Lola Still Dances, which centers on the human trafficking crisis and has been selected for various film festivals.

Ximena Aviña takes care of fashion centered clients. She’s mastered the chaotic beauty of working with brands like Adidas, Issey Miyake and Rick Owens and has also garnered close relationships with Mexican fashion designers like Paola Hernández.

Jerónimo Leon has directed and edited spots for Snickers, Pernod Ricard and others. His love for writing makes for a creatively active editor with massive directing chops.

Rodrigo Jiménez has been working in the entertainment industry for more than ten years. He’s assisted acclaimed directors like Manolo Caro and helped produce music videos for big name artists like Natalia Lafourcade and Jennifer López. His experienced past as Head of production pushed him to the director’s chair and now he pushes Fábula forward in the direction of detail orientation and excellence.

Together, the Fábula collective works together to pay homage to the magic in the mundane that surrounds us and to ignite wonder and conflict in a furious blaze.